Tuesday, June 30, 2009

say HELLO to my little friend :)

My New Baby :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

for cat lovers only!

personally i loveeee the cat that can say "mama".. isnt that adorable?

a get together :)

tomorrow i will organize a bbq party for my closest frens.. upon invitation only.. will post the pictcha later!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Do you know what it feels like to be left behind? losing everyone around you in such little time.

I try not to worry since they're left in the past but it's hard going through life knowing nothing ever lasts.

It's hard to hide behind this frown, When on the inside you're on the verge of a breakdown.

I've lost everyone that meant the world to me. All I have left of them are these memories.

You have no idea how badly I want them back. But they've left me in the past which was their plan of attack.

The pain of losing them will never go away.
I'm tired of feeling like this everyday.

I feel like I no longer belong.
I fake my happiness to show nothing's wrong.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

dinner at Johnny's

my sisters and mama

me muka lapar

muke gewdik

with my bro

my mama

the siblings (pls ignore my silly face)

makcik tu blocking my way

pics taken at ayer keroh's rnr, johnnys east coast mall and toilet at rnr temerloh.. very2 tiring journey... melaka-kl-trg..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

another hiss fit

this conversation took place in quiksilver, dataran pahlawan. a lady wearing CK's shirt came in with her daughters.

the lady: miss, if im a hsbc credit card holder can i get the 40% discount for the 2nd item?
me : sorry but we dont have the promotion like that now.
the lady : but the signboard in front of ur entrance said so. ( in very demanding tone )
me : no, its esprit's signboard u've mistaken for.
the lady : no, i saw it in front of ur entrance. go check and see it by urself.
*to shut her up, i asked my co worker about it and yes its esprit's.*
the lady : (embarrassed) is this hat has discount?
me : no because its new arrival.
the lady : how come all the items in this store have discount and this one doesnt?
me : (whada....) its new arrival. new arrival items do not have any discount.
the lady : r u serious?
me : asdfghjk

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

tak tercapai akalku

a month working at quiksilver, i encountered many kind of customers which sometimes irritated me and left me dumbstruck.

situation 1 :

customer 1 : (while browsing t-shirts on the rack) excuse me miss, what brand this t-shirt is?
me : huh? come again?
customer 1 : what brand is it?
me : brand as in jenama?
customer 1 : (rolling her sepet eyes) yeah
me : its quiksilver. (wtf, u entered quiksilver's premise, what do u expect? esprit??)

situation 2 :

an vogue aunty came in with his son, preggie daughter in law and his mischievous grandson.
the son is obviously has mixed blood because he spoke funny chinese slang. he tried a few walk shorts in the fitting room. so i waited patiently outside (of course).

the son : mummy, how do i look?
mummy : nice. mummy loves it. take this one.

(then he came out with other walkshort and another and another)

mummy : if ur comfortable wearing them, then take them all.
the son : no. i just want the new arrival!
mummy : (pretending not hearing her son, she handed over 3 walkshorts to me) dont listen
my son, u want to do business right? i'll take them all.
the son : (in the fitting room) Noooooo!! dont listen to my mom!! wait for meee!!

after one argument and another, they end up buying 3 walkshorts and two purses for the mom and daughter in law. and the mother paid all. why on earth the son didnt want all of the walkshorts at first place? he was not the one who paid for them. haihs.

situation 3

a fat guy entered with his skinning fren.

fat guy : dik, ade sale tak skrg?
me : ade
fat guy : ade size xl tak (referring to a t shirt)
i handed a xl t shirt to him.
fat guy : nak pegi disco dengan abg tak? (he kinda whispering but loud enuf for me to hear it and notice the DISCO word. who refer clubs as disco nowadays a-hole??)
me : i dont go the clubs anymore. i have a bf btw.
fat guy : takpela ade bf pon. bf tinggal kat umah. kite pegi malam minggu nih nak?
me : (smile slyly. rs cm nk amik cermin n suh die cermin diri je!! mlm minggu sialllllllllll!!!! hahaha). no, im sorry but im working on weekends.
fat guy : jom laa.. on eh?
me : yes, when the angels goes to hell.
fat guy : huh?
me : err.. ok tak baju tu?
fat guy : ok kalo adik jadi pegi disco dgn abg.
me : sila byr di kaunter. thank u.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

hari2 yg penat

these couple of days, i slept like a pig.. i think i snored like a pig too because i was damn tired.. shop cleaning for 6 hours straight, many customers to be served and a long tiring shift. i always showed dont-u-dare-to-enter look at potential customers, usually it works but during this school break, apparently kids entered to buy bagpacks, pencil boxes, t-shirt for raya (huh?) and etc. weekdays are supposed to be quiet days where we made fun of each other and cracking stupid jokes, not running here and there to serve the customers. i have to work full time tomorrow bcause its public holiday. damn. quiksilver is not a place for window shopping. dont waste our energy n time if u just want to window shopping.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i have been verbally sexual harrassed today.

i was about to cross the road when a car slowly stopped in front of me just to say, "hi". wtf. i ignored them and mind my own business. as i arrived at mp, a different guy smiled and say "hi" to me AGAIN. ok, ignored him too. i ordered wantan ho at the fc and i noticed that the cook was looking at me while cooking. 0ok this is weird. after lunch i served two guys and the fatso asked me whether he can bring me to the club. i smiled and politely told him that i have a bf but he said "its ok, we still can go to the club right?". just because he's a customer and i can only say, "even if ur the last guy on earth, i rather jump off the bridge than going to the club with u" in my mind. first u dont succeed, stand up and try again~ lyric by late aaliyah. yeah he frequently annoyyed me after i ignored him. i hid behind one of my co worker. but he found me and he did made me laughed by saying, "on eh hari minggu nih?". HARI MINGGU HANYAAAAAARRRR!!!! gile baku! among perverts that bumped into me today, he was the weirdest. what a day.

at last!

at last my bf and i got to spend time together since both of us was on leave yesterday.. we went to watch terminator 3 which made me skeptical to watch it at the first place but it turned out to be a marvelous and must watch movie this month! i totally... ok, hate is a strong word.. i dislike tall and talking machines.. weird huh? when i was a kid, i always have trouble sleeping because im scared that transformers or king kong will come to my house.. haha can u imagine that i was the only one who screamed like a mad woman in the cinema when the machines killed innocent ppl and nearly fell off my seat couple of times. huhu the guy who sat next to me looked really annoyed with me. oh well. so believe me if i say the movie is totally worth ur 10 bucks. i aint gonna watch transformers, hunny. uh-uh.

1st tag by me :p

im online at mcd while an american guy was sitting in front of me. haha looks like we came together but nah, he came alone and asked for my permission to sit together. im bored so i copied tag questions from a stewardess named nonoy.

1. Nama-nama timangan oleh orang yang tersayang:
family: nini
frens: winna/nur/ina

2. Anda seorang yang.........

- gile shopping
- degil yg melampau hebat
- ego
- takleh simpan perasaan marah, kene luahkan jugak huhu
- kuat berangan
- setia (ceh ceh ceh)
- panas baran
- nak kaki yg panjang (hehe)
- suka tanya soalan2 pelik kat sape2 pon ( malu bertanya sesat jalan haha )

3. Insan teristimewa?

- budak yg bernama alief (die suka wat mulut cm the grinch hahaha)
- friends (wanie, mysa, zura, kak ina, pahah, zhah, gkah, evva, shaema n farrah)
- mi familia
- kucing gedik yg bernama kuning

4. My favourite food?

- masakan budak alief.. bile nk masak spagetti carbonara lg?

5. Favourite Colour?

- pink, hitam and putih

6. Favourite Song?

- remix songs!

7. Sikap Yang Membuatkan Anda Stress

- financial problems
- family yg suka buat keputusan tanpa berbincang
- dibuli oleh seniors di Quiksilver
- lapar
- tak cukup tido
- budak2 kecik yg suka melalak and berlari2 dlm kedai

8. 3 Benda Yang Mesti Ada Dalam Handbag?

- hp
- wet tissues
- perfumes (wajib)

9. Kali terakhir anda menangis beria-ria?

- mase kene halau dr umah sewe.. merempat kejap

10. Tag 5 of your friends

- ridh the gorgeous barista
- pacat the rock teacher
- alep the crocs dude
- phat the bootylicious babe
- alvin the f.o.s guy

note to persons that i taggged, sile lah buat kalo tak i kecik at. tanak kawan 5 minit! hahahaha

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

love my new crocs

my bf got me a pair of crocs.. very cute and i have a butterfly and a flower on it.. melissa wants one too!

chinese or malay?

yesterday i went to mp during my break time to have lunch with the bf. while i was walking and whining about how exhausted i was that day, a nigga suddenly "menyendel2" at me but there was no physical contact so i ignored him. i was headed to the entrance when he asked, "R U chinese or malay?". i was dumb struck. but i managed to say, "M..m..malay" then he smiled and went separate way. i told my bf about it and he said, "it must be your ass". damn.