Thursday, December 31, 2009

u disgust me.

its funny when u talk shit about me with the rejected short guy but u manage to put my pic as ur profile picture. LOL. i think u need a shrink. get a life. im moving on and i think u should too. get a job or something and stop dreaming about guys that only want nothing but ur body.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

well said.

maybe u should think before u speak. when damage is done, there's nothing you can do about it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Types of MEN You Need to Avoid.

At the age 23, I've encountered so many men in my life. Some of them gave me valuable knowledge to be applied my love life. I've listed a few types of men (based on my opinion) that you should avoid:


He's the guy that seems so sensitive and caring when you first meet. He's able to share with you the heartbreak of a broken relationship. You only find out after a few more encounters that he's still nursing a broken heart from the relationship he had with someone over ten years ago.

You slowly realize that he's not so much heartbroken but already committed to never caring about someone again. No matter how much time you spend together, you can never get through. Face it, you never will. The padding around his heart (and his skull) is so thick a neutron bomb won't pierce through it. So give up and get going. He's like a drippy faucet that slowly wears you down with false hope until you just want to smash it.


They’re easy to spot. Why women still fall for their bag of tricks, I don’t know. Stay away from the guy making his rounds at the bar. He’ll come up to you with some cheesy (or good) pick-up line. He’ll give you just enough compliments to open up the conversation, but will expect you to fall for his “suave” moves. If you date this man, ladies, you will know he’s one if he’s at all shady. If he clearly is the type to date around, ask yourself if you’re okay with that.


If he talks about his ex-girlfriend way too much, odds are he’s not over her. “She used to do that,” “She did this,” – ugh, those words are not fun to hear especially if you’re trying to move forward with him. Just come out and ask him if he’s on the rebound or find out how long has it been since they broke up. If it was less than six months ago, understand that he may not have fully recovered and may not be ready for another relationship. You don’t want to be involved with the mess in head so tread carefully.


Sure, the economy is down, but does he have to be? While it’s understandable that we will go through ups and downs and you should be there for your loved ones and significant others, no one wants to be with a Doug Downer all the time. When he is handed lemons, if he can’t make lemonade, be skeptical. If you try to cheer him up and it still doesn’t work, just walk away from said downer and find someone who has a positive outlook on life. Misery loves company, but you don’t have to be that company.

Monday, December 21, 2009

RIP Brittany Murphy

When i read about her death, i was totally shocked because she has no critical complications! The COD is still unknown. OMG! i still cant believe she's gone! she's too young and so talented. a week ago my family and i watched The Ramen Girl and she was a doll and adorable in the movie. I love her acting because she's natural at it.. oh man, what a waste.. she's 32 and found unconsciously on her bathroom floor. her poor husband was dazed and he was wearing a pyjama and not wearing any slippers when the police interviewed him. Poor thing he must be very shocked. :(

Saturday, December 19, 2009

10 Things Im Gonna Do When Im Back In Shah Alam

  1. Go THREADING! my eyebrows look like Ugly Betty! Its been ages since i plucked my own eyebrows but I cant do it any longer because it hurts. Like a lot. I rather go to the threading shop at section 9 and had it done. They only charge rm7!
  2. Splurge my craving for Daim cake at IKEA. owh Daim.. how i long for you...
  3. Wear my dresses! I miss wearing them, you know I can wear them in Trg.. huhu
  4. Submit the Young Lecturers Scheme application form
  5. Clean up the house.. Find another two housemates!
  6. Movie marathon! I missed Twilight, Couples Retreat, Ninja Assassin .... :(
  7. Hanging out at the mall, window shopping! I miss you shopping malls!!
  8. Learn how to make more money (find a part time job) and try not to spend too much. huhu
  9. Meet my other half.
  10. Give Reza a pat on the back. hahahahahaha

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

im bored to death.

while dd and putri is on the way to KL's famous shopping mall, Pavilion, here am i sitting on my chair writing a blog about my boring daily life during the semester break.. same routine everyday except when my friends ask me to go out then there will be an extra activity in my routine. hahaha.
1) woke up normally at 10AM then look at my handphone to check any new text messages.
2) If there is new messages, read n reply if necessary and try so hard to get back to sleep.
3) If i succeed to fall asleep again, i only will woke up an hour later. duh!
4) Lazily i do the bed, head to the loo, wash me face and brush my teeth. haha. there's no point of showering since i won't even go out.
5) had brunch/lunch.
6) watch tv and if my dad is watching his tamil movies again, i will be whining until he gives up and hand over the remote control to me. hehe
7) if there's no channel that can keep my eyes on the tv, i will switched on my lappy and stay online until late nights.

ok thats about it. my boring routine everyday. helpppp!!! i try to learn how to cook but i get bored easily, try to do household chores, i end up ransacking my mom's collection of handbags. haih.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

teluk ketapang

courtesy of Google

Today I went to Teluk Ketapang with Zhah, Nik Nyu, Imie and Mizi.. I've been craving for seafood for a long time since it is so expensive back in KL. So we ate sotong celup tepung, ikan celup tepung, udang celup tepung and kerepok lekor. i had an ice cream abc which is so delicious! man, i ate like a pig! hahaha I bumped into my classmate, Maizura and surprise, surprise, her brother is my ex schoolmate. Sorry, I forgot to snap the pictures of the food because I was so excited to dig in! haha here's the pic i googled for u. hahaha

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blame the PMS.

I've been looking for blogs that sell head bands with affordable price since Im on the semester break equals to BROKE! haha Most of them are very beautiful but beauty does come with price right? Very overrated since trendy head bands are the IT items nowadays. Everything is tagged as "Sold". What the heck? You guys don't do restock huh? Whats the point of showing the garments in your blog if they are no longer available? It just pissed me off.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

my loyal companion..

I love cats.. im pissed whenever i see somebody kicks a cat, curses at a cat or pour water to the poor cat.. the cat cannot fight u back u arsehole! i really don't understand why some girls freak out when they see a cat approaches them. cats r very cute and innocent, how can u resist them? they have feelings too, u know. Idk, maybe the girls r just acting cute, "oh, im so scared of cats".. wth? scared with cats? hahaha. thats very funny. they only bite when they feel threatened, u drama queens! ok, im going off topic here. The main motive i wrote this post is to tell you a story of my cat, Kuning. i know, its name is lame. I think Kuning will force us to change its name if it can talk. haha but we didn't know what to call it so we decided to call it Kuning because of its colour. hehe.

Kuning has a problem.. well not a problem actually.. It's just that he doesn't like rain at all.. it all happened during monsoon season last year. it was raining cats and dogs and water flooded the lower level of our house. my dad started the car engine to remove it to a higher ground. Kuning was sleeping on the tyre and the sound of the engine scared the hell out of it. It jumped into the water, well more like swimming in the water like a fish! it disappeared behind the bushes and hid for a day there. later that night, we heard footsteps on the roof, feared that it might be burglars, my dad opened the window with an umbrella in the other hand ready to poke the burglars...... But, there was no burglars, its Kuning! Soaked and shivering. we took him inside and wrapped it in a blanket. poor thing.

When i woke up the next morning, Kuning was making noise because the rain started to pour again. it looked so terrified. for the straight 2 months of monsoon season, it lived on the roof. we even fed it on the roof because it didn't want to come down. Sometimes, when it's hungry, he will peek its head at the window. This year the monsoon season came again, and Kuning started lived its life on the roof again.

Monday, December 07, 2009

My mom renowned nasi telur

Nasi telur is a special dish that my mom normally cook for special occasions only such as Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Aidiladha or whenever her mood is ok.. huhu so recently, she cooked nasi telur for Hari Raya Aidiladha... she said that my late grandmom passed the recipe to her. my late grandmom was the foster grand daughter of our present Agong's grandfather. so not many people knows the recipe because it only served to the royalties back in the old days. it was so delicious and finger licking good. sighs. owh well. there goes my diet. since i woke up at 12 PM i didn't have the chance to show u how it was cooked. hehe. i have a basic knnowledge on how to prepare it but based from what i saw, my mom filtered the eggs, and fried them until golden brown. then mixed them with rice. thats it.. and the coconut gravy.. err i dunno how it was cooked.. then nasi telur is served with "acar" and salted egg. yummyyyy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Teh Orang Kampung

hey hello readers.. since i have so much time during the semester break, i would like to share my experience using this teh herba slimming tea. what really drives me to use it is my sister who had lost 10 kgs in 6 months! at first i didnt really buy the idea of using this slimming tea to shed some weight but after 6 months, whoa! u can really see the difference! so, putri, dd and i decided to drink the slimming tea since we were complaining about our expanding waistline and whining about how hard it is to lose that damn ring of blubber which could be double as a floatation device.

Before i dunked the tea sachet into hot boiling water, my sis warned that it might increase bowel movements significantly. i just laughed it off and said i can gobble cili padis of coz i can stand this slimming tea. i am dead wrong.

after the boiling water was ready at 10 pm, i dumped the tea bag into a mug and waited for 5 minutes before drinking it. the longer u leave the tea bag to soak, the maximum the effect. me, being a headstrong ready to take the challenge, i decided to leave it soaked for an hour. haha

it tasted like hell, like drinking grass tea. yuck! then i went to bed not knowing the worse case scenario is about to come.

i woke up at 5 am. i felt some mild discomfort in my tummy but i shrugged it off and went back to sleep. i woke up again at 7 am and at this time i could feel stabbing pains in my stomach. i ran to the loo and oh yeah, all hell broke lose. i stumbled back into my room trying to sleep but hell no, i've been going in and out of the loo for several of times in a day!

despite the pain that i have to bear, i still drink the slimming tea. haha. beauty is pain right? this is the price i have to pay to be slim again.. haih.. mase makan carls jr and burger king tak ingat plak kan?

say hello to my little friend.

picture taken from fathi hazwan's facebook

say hello to Telekom's High Speed Broadband that will be launched in March 2010... let's see whether it can beat streamyx, shall we? :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

convocation's piccas

ok i know my degree convocation is so yesterday but only today i have the mood to upload the pictures.. not much bcause my parents were already exhausted due to 8 hours of journey..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

stabbing or being stabbed. u choose.

im sure everyone knows that there are so many cases where girls fight because another girl talks behind their back. eyh hello? everyone does that! even u did. its normal for a girl that may be want to share her dissatisfaction towards other girl to another girl because she needs someone to talk. maybe they had a lil fight but after she talks to another girl, she feels relieved. of coz they find their way back together as frens again. but the girl that she "mengumpat" with may tell the other girl that she talks bad about her. this will trigger a cat fight and many more dissatisfactions. this is stupid. orang dah cerita kat ko, ko boleh tak simpan je rahsia tu and jangan nak berlagak baik kononnye tanak bersubahat lalu ko pergi confess kat minah tu yg orang tu mengumpat pasal die. sorry, aku sangat benci org macam kau.

Monday, November 16, 2009

BBQ at DD's

mak hayamzz hahahaha

chicks hehe

tgh tunggu turn nak karok hehe

smua gedik nak bergambar.. aku la kene amekkan

penat amin n arif nak hidupkan api

si kenit ni tido terbongkang pas penat di"kerjakan" aku n putri haha


Masa ni nenek DD bangun excited tlg kitorg hehe

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

free time..

after one month of a hectic n miserable life, i finally have the time to blog again.. it has been a month i had been tortured mentally by my lecturers.. too many assignments to be done in so little time.. but i managed to get them all done last week.. but sadly they r not quality works bcuz i dont really have time to give my best in each of the assignments due to time constraint. sighs. i also didnt do very well in the final examination which only consists of 20%.. lets just hope i'll be remaining at UiTM next sem.. i cannot focus on my xm which i honestly dunno why.. it seems that my classmates also experienced the same thing.. maybe we are already exhausted with the workload.. do u know that Master's passing grade is B? OMG OMG! this is freaking me out..!!


"I understand all your doubts and fears
Of laying your heart on the line
But aren't you afraid of just throwing away
A love like yours and mine?"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


well my convocation is just around the corner.. a few weeks back i was so excited about the it but when its just a few days ahead, i dont really feel the enthusiasm anymore.. has an appointment for my hair and make up but still.. i dont look forward for my convocation.. :'(

Sunday, September 27, 2009

raya celebration, shall we?

These are pictures taken during 3rd raya where my former schoolmates and i visited a few houses. we ate a lot and had great laughs too.. till next raya! tooddles!

6 Simple Things Women Want

1. Respect. Show us through your actions that you respect our opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies, and minds. You don't have to agree with all that we say or do, but try to honor our opinions as valuable contributions.
2. Romance. Treat us like your girlfriend, even after we become your wife. Date nights, physical affection in the car, kissing like when we first started dating -- all of the things that made us fall in love with you don't have to stop just because now there are bills to pay, a house to be cleaned, and kids to be bathed. Bring home flowers for no reason. We're not talking $100 bouquets of roses here. Even the $10 bouquets from the supermarket are enough to make us smile.
3. Time. We understand relationships can't be all wine and roses; simply making the time to be with us and treating us like your top priority says "love" more than all the fancy gifts and lovely letters ever could.
4. Dinner. Of the homemade variety. You may not be good at cooking and you may not know how to boil water. But greeting us at the door after a long day with fish sticks (or whatever you can wrastle up) makes us swoon, because it shows that you've been thinking about us and our hectic day.

5. Communication. Women are vocal creatures. We know you love us, but it's nice to hear you say it, too. We can also be insecure. We wish we weren't, but the reality is that we often notice our wobbly thighs and forget about our gorgeous eyes. So let us know when you think we're hot. Tell us we're beautiful. It helps us feel good. Words of appreciation aren't half-bad either. Tell us you love the lasagna we made. Notice that we cleaned the bathtub. It doesn't have to be over the top, just let us know that you see the effort we put in, and you're grateful.

6. Consistency. This doesn't mean be boring and predictable. It means that we know you will (usually -- no one is perfect!) give us the love and support we need. Knowing that you're coming at this with the same desires and energy as we are goes a long way to making us feel secure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin..

helo all, nothing much going on now.. life kinda sucks.. there was a story that i wanna share that i found very interesting. last week, during ob class, my lecturer asked my classmates and i to go to some kind of innovation seminar at DSB. so we climbed the stairs reluctantly.. after the tour, i came across a booth that sells stuff like teh org kampung etc.. the promoter said her partner can tell what diseases that i have. so i gave it a go. he listed a few things which i cannot mention here. but there was a one thing that captured my interest. first of all, he asked to see my palms.. he said that i have a heart problem.. not a heart attack kinda way.. but he said my heart have been wounded so many times and never been cured.. in fact it is still bleeding n wounded.. due to many reasons.. it can caused by family, bf and friends.. it was fascinating because i do feel that a part of me has gone long time ago.. im not what i used to be before.. i miss the old me.. the bubbly winna 6 years ago..

Friday, September 04, 2009

why change?

yesterday fara and i went to jusco bukit raja to break fast at nandos there.. at first we went to johnny's but it was full house. so we waited for the time to break fast at nandos and i can see there were three couples with their children entered and seated near us. the mothers were busy holding the babies while the fathers were getting ready to eat. when it was time to break fast, the fathers quickly dig in while the mothers watched them eat.. the mothers were hungry.. i can tell from the way they looked at the food. but of course the mothers r always the one who have to hold their children, not their spouses who were happily enjoying their meals. from my observation all of three fathers of three couples did that. why not the fathers sacrifice by letting their wife eat first and they take over the kids? like my lecturer used to say, men will not take a leave when his kid is sick because his wife will and men will also not take a leave when his wife is ill also because she will. i dont think this situation happens during their courtship. sad enuf.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


13 assignments to be submitted for this sem! can u believe it?? its too much for us to handle u noe? its so hard coping with the hectic life in shah alam and the lecturers keep giving us wayy too many assignments! helppp!! oh btw i received a sms from the gov asking me to confirm my attendance for ptd test in october since i din go for the exam the other day. hahaha.. if i get the job, surely i will leave master. for good. ermm maybe not for goood.. hehe maybe after one year of working... hmmm.. k got to go now.. have loadsa works need to be done! cya~

Monday, August 31, 2009

jalan2 cuci mata hahaha

my beshfwen of 10 years!

pasangan kekaseh

cover album KAMI. hehe

sumpah sedap!

gambar perasan :p

gambar perasan kedua. haha

tiga sejoli. sorang je single mingle cube teka sapa. haha

sedap jual ketupat di kopi bin

italianese. masing2 muka kenyang

these pics were taken b4 ramadhan.. a small get together wif my beloveds at midvalley n ou.. we mish u cek arih! be back soon, i still want my present! hehe