Monday, December 29, 2008

weird in our world but not on the runway i guess... but still weird!

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

home sweet home.

im at home at last! last night i slept within 5 minutes i aboarded the bus. hehe..
im so exhausted.. that evening i was waiting for the goddam bus for like an hour.
i was so freaking pissed off because i was so tired, i had lunch at 4pm, i was so sleepy, had dusk all over my face, i was sweating profusely and the male passer-bys keep on "phewwit2" at me. oh yeah even the old grandpas. yuck! i was about to burst when the shweet bf of mine msged me and asked me to get a cab instead.
luckily i got extra cash this time so i waited for a taxi to pass by. 5 minutes later a taxi showed up and i prayed that he will charged me rm2 to the ocean.
well, lucky me i only have to pay him rm2 like i prayed.
there he was, the love of my life waiting for me at the ocean like he always did everyday. suddenly all the misery episodes dissappeared when i saw his face.
he really made my day. thanks for being a part of me sugar. im sorry that i always makes things complicated for us.. i love u darl. now and forever.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pix of siti aima nashuda's wedding

me yg mencapap.

kami yg bergaya dgn bunga pengantin

mengambil berkat pengantin. hehe.

pulut kuning pengganti kek.

hantaran perempuan

hantaran lagik

hantaran kahwin lagik lagik

kami mencapap

kami bersama pengantin perempuan

wanie, pahah, winna

wanie and winna yg single but not available