Saturday, February 28, 2009

MALANG tidak berbau..

26th of february 2009, this date i will never ever forget for my entire life... it was a rainy day.. after an hour shopping trip with zura and kak sue, we managed to buy a bday gift for kak ina. after that, zura dropped kak sue and i at the office bcause kak sue left her motorcycle there. kak sue never use the back road before. and she used that road on that very nite.. it was "mahgrib" and im sure u ppl know that we shouldnt be outside during "mahgrib". i saw the motorcyle was speeding while we were at the junction but maybe kak sue didnt see it or maybe she thought that it was still far.. but as the motorcycle was speeding wif full speed, kak sue crossed the road and baangggg!!! it happened so fast. i barely remember how my stomach hit the motor's handle and i found myself lying on the road wif no helmet. it was lying besides me. my right leg hurt so bad but i pulled myself together and picked up my handbag. i saw the big apple donuts scattered on the road. the motorcyclist was badly hurt. i saw wounds at several parts of his body. he yelled " kenape u keluar???!!! ". i couldnt say anything.. i was dizzy but i managed to hold kak sue up. she was silent. laying still.. she was unconscious. kak sue couldnt remember anything about the accident. traumatic i guess. i called the bf. tears rolling from my eyes. i was clueless.. luckily there were 3 chinese ppl helped us and sent us to the government hosp. they tot kak sue was badly wounded and they left me alone. i was crying like crazy. they gives me number and asked me to wait for my turn to seek for treatment. WTF? the bf, kak ina and kak sue's sis finally arrived at the hospital. i was shivering. my boss asked me to be transferred to Hospital Putra. he even paid the bills. but my father paid him back afterwards.. huhu.. my father picked me up from melaka and i am now at terengganu.. will spending 4 more days here.. my father said, "no more motorcycle ride for u anymore, missy." huhuhu... i'll never ride on a motorcyle again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

take a look at rihanna's injuries

i dont know whether the pic of rihanna is true or fake.. i'll let u to decide...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

say after me...

Moon glow
White light will bathe your pillow
Loneliness leaves no shadow
Where did you go?
Be cool now
Quietly up and leave you
Must I be your fooland lead you
How gracious we go
Love ends in a fire
Fire through the streets
Set them alive
Don't say your goodbyes
Say after me...I'll go my own way baby, yeah
It's a crying shame
To have only hopeless sorrow
To have no more days to borrow
The distance will grow
A new day
Out walking cold and endless
All to be stoned and painless
I'm lost in the snow
Love ends in a fire
Fire through the streets
Set them alive
Don't say your goodbyes
Say after me
I'll wish you well then baby, yeah
Raise to the groundI'll burn you down
Before you go and break me
Burn like the sun
What has become..
Of you and me....
a beautiful song by amazing singer, Bic Runga..