Thursday, February 18, 2010

laksa oh laksa

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When Im in terengganu, I try so hard to reminisce my favourite local food.. Suddenly, I remember how I used to eat 5 bowls of laksa putih.. U can see how proud my mom was back then.. 5 seconds, that all i took to finish a bowl. Im the only one in my family loves laksa putih.. My other family members love laksa merah.. Which I hate so much. Its full of spices and reddish. I love to eat laksa putih with hands.. It tastes better, I swear! hahaha.. U should try it. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

am too tired...

my seniors told me that 2nd sem is the worst sem ever.. many quit and further mba elsewhere, where the syllabus is not as crazy as uitm's.. and some find a job and convert to part time.. i skipped classes like too many this sem.. i feel demotivated and burnout.. i think most of my classmates feel the same way too.. its too much.. the workload is too much.. Thank God we only have classes until wednesday but still thurs until weekend are fully occupied with assignments. so there's no fun for not having class on thurs n fri. Got up so early in the morning and leave for class but only manage to return during midnight after several of group discussions.. haih.. seriously, i want to go karaoke. i dont mind if im going alone. i want to sing my heart out. pour everything out. cant wait for the holiday. but still have to be prepared for the incoming tests ans assignments afterwards.. :( i wanna go home...