Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Next Exciting Day!

I am picky but it never cross my mind that I am an absurd fussy woman! -________-

The ceremony is less than a month and I am still have not decided on the dress that I should wear on that day. The lace cloth that my aunt gave me has been sent to tailor couple of weeks back and it is now ready to be worn. But I don't like the way the tailor made the dress and I really can't sleep after my BFF said that my dress is too plain and boring. I asked my team mate to do some beading to make it more grand and she is still in the midst of doing it. I keep on chasing her to finish it fast because I want the tailor to do some amendments. HAHAHA.

However, I still keep thinking that I should buy another dress as a 2nd option. And yes, I bought one dress worth RM 170 which I thought I look cute in it during the fitting. But no, it does not end there. I wear it again at home and sent the picture of me wearing it to my friends and they disapproved! The 1st dress is better than the 2nd dress. I do not beg to differ as I also think the same. 

Oh well, the 2nd dress will be used in many occasions (ayat sedapkan hati) since I already bought it, thanks to my high level of impatience and impulsiveness. I should be saving money but I have wasted a lot (previously, I did buy a veil and tudung which I regret so much when I got back home).

Also, I was thinking to use the balance of my chiffon lining as the veil but my sister said she can borrow a veil from her friend. FOC of course. Yay, at least I can save the money.

1) Nikah cloth + Butang baju melayu - Pending
2) Chocs - Pending
3) Cake - Pending
4) Songkok - Pending
5) Shirt - Pending
6) Mini Dais - Booked
7) MUA - Booked
8) Dress - Done
9) Veil - Done
10 ) Number of confirmed guests - Pending
11) Gubahan - Pending
12) Ring - Done
13) Dishes - Pending

So many pending things and so little time! I need to ensure everything is done or I can't sleep at nights! Will update the dress once the ceremony is over, it will be a surprise!