Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Next Exciting Day!

I am picky but it never cross my mind that I am an absurd fussy woman! -________-

The ceremony is less than a month and I am still have not decided on the dress that I should wear on that day. The lace cloth that my aunt gave me has been sent to tailor couple of weeks back and it is now ready to be worn. But I don't like the way the tailor made the dress and I really can't sleep after my BFF said that my dress is too plain and boring. I asked my team mate to do some beading to make it more grand and she is still in the midst of doing it. I keep on chasing her to finish it fast because I want the tailor to do some amendments. HAHAHA.

However, I still keep thinking that I should buy another dress as a 2nd option. And yes, I bought one dress worth RM 170 which I thought I look cute in it during the fitting. But no, it does not end there. I wear it again at home and sent the picture of me wearing it to my friends and they disapproved! The 1st dress is better than the 2nd dress. I do not beg to differ as I also think the same. 

Oh well, the 2nd dress will be used in many occasions (ayat sedapkan hati) since I already bought it, thanks to my high level of impatience and impulsiveness. I should be saving money but I have wasted a lot (previously, I did buy a veil and tudung which I regret so much when I got back home).

Also, I was thinking to use the balance of my chiffon lining as the veil but my sister said she can borrow a veil from her friend. FOC of course. Yay, at least I can save the money.

1) Nikah cloth + Butang baju melayu - Pending
2) Chocs - Pending
3) Cake - Pending
4) Songkok - Pending
5) Shirt - Pending
6) Mini Dais - Booked
7) MUA - Booked
8) Dress - Done
9) Veil - Done
10 ) Number of confirmed guests - Pending
11) Gubahan - Pending
12) Ring - Done
13) Dishes - Pending

So many pending things and so little time! I need to ensure everything is done or I can't sleep at nights! Will update the dress once the ceremony is over, it will be a surprise!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Transition and The New Beginning.

Wow, it has been a year since my last post. There are so many good and bad things happened in a year but I am happy with the way things are now, Alhamdulillah.. All praises to Allah! He is indeed the best PLANNER :)

I was a bit reluctant to tell the story of my transition but I wish my story can be an inspiration to people, Insyallah.


In January 2013, I was at the lowest bottom of my life.. 5 years of relationship ended with no closure.  I was devastated and crying for months. I was drowning in my own negative thoughts and blaming myself for the break up. I used to wonder why I had my heart broken so many times and what can I do to mend my broken heart. Sleepless nights continues but eventually, Allah made me realized that it was caused by the hearts that I had broken before and the sins that I had committed all these years

I began to accept the fact that everything happens for a reason and only Allah knows it. I understand that Allah has a better plan for me and maybe we are not meant to be after all.

I poured my heart out to Allah and was very ashamed with the things that I have done in the past. I forgotten about HIM during my happy days but now asking for HIS forgiveness when I hit the rock bottom.

I started to wear hijab in somewhere around Feb or March and Alhamdulillah, I felt so peaceful and serene. I prayed and prayed that I can meet someone that can make me want to be a better person. In May, my prayer was finally answered and God has sent me this wonderful man who uses "When" instead of "If" when talking about his future and how I fit in his plans. 

We only met 3 times before he came to see my parents and asked for their permission to bring me to see his family. 3 months after the meeting, his family came "merisik" and we will be engaged in one month time. I have full trust in Allah and if he is my door to Jannah, I accept it with an open heart. 

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3rd wedding for the weekend!

I am so exhausted as I attended 3 weddings in one weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I don't mind going to weddings but I can't resist the delicious delicacies at the weddings! They are so yummeyh! Who give a damn about BMI now eh?

So since the 3rd wedding was held in Setia Alam, I went there without the boyfriend. Oh ya, I live in Meru which is 5 mins away from Setia Alam and the boyfriend lives in Damansara which is 30 mins away from me. We seldom meet during weekdays as the traffic will be freaking congested. So, we agreed to meet only in weekends.

I am so lazy to blog about the wedding so here are the pictures for your reference! Lulz.


Baju Kurung from Az Zara Boutique

Make up done myself.

With Thivyaa

With bride to be this Nov, Aniz

Signature pose. LOL

Aniz, Evon, Thivyaa and Me. The BFFs with signature poses!

The MUST photo with TG colleagues! 

Congrats Lia and Ahmad! The food was super nice, Lia was drop dead gorgeous paired with handsome Ahmad the groom. Wonderful finale wedding for me!

Till then, goodnight!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My BFF Dee Dee got hitched last night!!

I was on leave yesterday as Dee2's wedding started at 5pm. I need to be there before 3 pm so I decided to take a day leave so I can be prepared before I go to the wedding. She married her long time sweetheart in a beautiful black and white theme wedding. Here are some of the pictures of the wedding :-

Attire : Given by Dee2
Necklace : A Fashion Story -
Bangles : Curve Flea Market

Tonight we will be celebrating the reception at Royale Chulan Hotel. Wishing Dee2 and Yus a very happy marriage life! Love you Dee2!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Outfit of the day 090912

I am inspired to blog again after reading other people's blogs! I have decided to use my old blog as I miss the memories and the posts that I kept in this blog. It has been years since my last post and I will try my best to update the blog whenever I have the chance!

Let's start off  with something light, shall we?

I went out shopping with my girl, Puff and had a super great lunch at Indian Street, Klang. I ate Nasi Beriyani but so sorry no pictures are taken because I was too busy eating! The food was not as good or as cheap as Vishal's (Brickfields) but it was so damn good too! I licked my fingers weih!

After the heavy lunch, we went for threading and I just realized that my brows were not even! The left brow was thicker than the right's. Thank God the aunty fixed them nicely! 

After sweating like a pig at the Indian Street, we went off to Setia City Mall for some retail therapy. Oh not "some" but quite massive retail therapy. Spent almost RM200 on clothes when I already ordered 5 clothes online! I need to find pants but I bought clothes instead *face palm*. After that, we went to watch " Cold Light of Day" ( I hope I get it correctly ). Good movie but Bruce Willis only showed up like 30 mins! Tanak bayar mahal ke ape?!

This is what I wore for girls' day out today :-

Tunic : Nichii
Legging : Nichii
Bracelet : Evon bought from Kedah

I think that's about it now. Will update my office attire tomorrow. Bought it today haha! Toodles!