Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3rd wedding for the weekend!

I am so exhausted as I attended 3 weddings in one weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I don't mind going to weddings but I can't resist the delicious delicacies at the weddings! They are so yummeyh! Who give a damn about BMI now eh?

So since the 3rd wedding was held in Setia Alam, I went there without the boyfriend. Oh ya, I live in Meru which is 5 mins away from Setia Alam and the boyfriend lives in Damansara which is 30 mins away from me. We seldom meet during weekdays as the traffic will be freaking congested. So, we agreed to meet only in weekends.

I am so lazy to blog about the wedding so here are the pictures for your reference! Lulz.


Baju Kurung from Az Zara Boutique

Make up done myself.

With Thivyaa

With bride to be this Nov, Aniz

Signature pose. LOL

Aniz, Evon, Thivyaa and Me. The BFFs with signature poses!

The MUST photo with TG colleagues! 

Congrats Lia and Ahmad! The food was super nice, Lia was drop dead gorgeous paired with handsome Ahmad the groom. Wonderful finale wedding for me!

Till then, goodnight!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My BFF Dee Dee got hitched last night!!

I was on leave yesterday as Dee2's wedding started at 5pm. I need to be there before 3 pm so I decided to take a day leave so I can be prepared before I go to the wedding. She married her long time sweetheart in a beautiful black and white theme wedding. Here are some of the pictures of the wedding :-

Attire : Given by Dee2
Necklace : A Fashion Story - http://a-fashion-story.com
Bangles : Curve Flea Market

Tonight we will be celebrating the reception at Royale Chulan Hotel. Wishing Dee2 and Yus a very happy marriage life! Love you Dee2!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Outfit of the day 090912

I am inspired to blog again after reading other people's blogs! I have decided to use my old blog as I miss the memories and the posts that I kept in this blog. It has been years since my last post and I will try my best to update the blog whenever I have the chance!

Let's start off  with something light, shall we?

I went out shopping with my girl, Puff and had a super great lunch at Indian Street, Klang. I ate Nasi Beriyani but so sorry no pictures are taken because I was too busy eating! The food was not as good or as cheap as Vishal's (Brickfields) but it was so damn good too! I licked my fingers weih!

After the heavy lunch, we went for threading and I just realized that my brows were not even! The left brow was thicker than the right's. Thank God the aunty fixed them nicely! 

After sweating like a pig at the Indian Street, we went off to Setia City Mall for some retail therapy. Oh not "some" but quite massive retail therapy. Spent almost RM200 on clothes when I already ordered 5 clothes online! I need to find pants but I bought clothes instead *face palm*. After that, we went to watch " Cold Light of Day" ( I hope I get it correctly ). Good movie but Bruce Willis only showed up like 30 mins! Tanak bayar mahal ke ape?!

This is what I wore for girls' day out today :-

Tunic : Nichii
Legging : Nichii
Bracelet : Evon bought from Kedah

I think that's about it now. Will update my office attire tomorrow. Bought it today haha! Toodles!