Monday, September 10, 2012

Outfit of the day 090912

I am inspired to blog again after reading other people's blogs! I have decided to use my old blog as I miss the memories and the posts that I kept in this blog. It has been years since my last post and I will try my best to update the blog whenever I have the chance!

Let's start off  with something light, shall we?

I went out shopping with my girl, Puff and had a super great lunch at Indian Street, Klang. I ate Nasi Beriyani but so sorry no pictures are taken because I was too busy eating! The food was not as good or as cheap as Vishal's (Brickfields) but it was so damn good too! I licked my fingers weih!

After the heavy lunch, we went for threading and I just realized that my brows were not even! The left brow was thicker than the right's. Thank God the aunty fixed them nicely! 

After sweating like a pig at the Indian Street, we went off to Setia City Mall for some retail therapy. Oh not "some" but quite massive retail therapy. Spent almost RM200 on clothes when I already ordered 5 clothes online! I need to find pants but I bought clothes instead *face palm*. After that, we went to watch " Cold Light of Day" ( I hope I get it correctly ). Good movie but Bruce Willis only showed up like 30 mins! Tanak bayar mahal ke ape?!

This is what I wore for girls' day out today :-

Tunic : Nichii
Legging : Nichii
Bracelet : Evon bought from Kedah

I think that's about it now. Will update my office attire tomorrow. Bought it today haha! Toodles!

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